Sam’s fitness gear story begins with a few young men trying to access
good quality personal fitness equipment, home fitness, and abundant love for a good sweat. The need for the hour had us searching and hunting for the best of Global sources to get the next-gen fitness accessible to the best equipment in the market.

At Sam’s, we leave no stone unturned. We create products that change the dynamics of your workouts. The products are devised with the clear intent of motivating and benefiting fitness enthusiasts.

With the new momentum that drives towards emerging materials and textile technologies and commercialization, we have closely worked with the leading sports doctors and physiotherapists to deliver cutthroat products. Which in turn led to the eye for detail from the prototype till the end product that you rely on to shape your life.

Our grind doesn't stop at delivering the state of art fitness facilitation. But, we put our hearts and minds into learning from all of you the determination to work towards greatness. Our greatest inspiration comes from you, and we are not stopping until we reach our vision of bringing fitness accessible at your doorstep. Thus, providing a convenient and holistic workout in the comfort of your home.